After meeting in 2016 and realizing how much we both love all-natural foods and nut-related puns, we decided to try our hand at making nut butter. We needed something to eat in bed while watching Netflix, and at the time Beijing was severely lacking in nut buttery options. We broke dozens of blenders, almost got the cops called on us twice by our neighbors, and lugged overweight coolers to countless flea markets before we turned to each other and decided… we were in business.

Since then, we’ve set up our very own factory in the heart of Sichuan and are working to expand our line of nut-based dairy alternatives.

Our mission is threefold


reducing our carbon footprint and improving the health of our environment by offering healthy, plant-based options


supporting rural farmers to grow ecologically and sustainably


spreading the love for our product and our knowledge of healthy eating with our community

Taking a Leap

People would say we’re crazy (nuts, even) for setting up our own factory after just 1.5 years of making nut butter in our tiny apartment, but we couldn’t pass up such an amazing opportunity. When The Paradise Foundation told us their story and asked us to try using the ecologically-grown peanuts from Sichuan to make peanut butter, we were intrigued. We traveled to the remote village of Laohegou in Pingwu County in late 2017 and fell in love with the food, the people, and the peanuts (and even though we struggled with the Sichuan dialect, they were very patient!). It was then we decided to give our downstairs neighbors some relief and move our operations from our 3rd floor balcony to Laohegou.

In Search of the Perfect Recipe

It took many months of research- plus a bit of blood, sweat, and tears- but we managed to set up a fully-functioning production line by mid 2018. We still oversee all production and taste every batch, because we want our product to be just as good as, if not better than, the jars we so painstakingly made on our tiny balcony. But having our own factory means so much more than just having full control of the process. By sourcing directly from the farmers, and using their local resources for production, we and The Paradise Foundation have managed to take Pingwu County off of Sichuan’s list of most impoverished counties. It’s in working with this local community that makes all the stresses of running a factory, all the little mishaps and fires (yes, fires), very much worth it. Learn more about The Paradise Foundation here.