These ladies are fully NAKED and happy.

It’s 2020. If at this point you haven’t heard about the necessity and benefits of healthy fats in your diet, then let us hold your hand as we pull you out from under that rock where you’ve been living. But ok, we live in China and so many of us abide by different health standards, one of those being TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Fortunately for all NAKED拿颗酱 lovers, our products have no additives or preservatives- they’re just nuts (in paste form to help you with chewing)! So let’s take a look at nuts and their benefits in the eyes of TCM, and hopefully, we can bring more of you out from under that rock and into the light.

Why go nuts for nuts?

We are full believers in a daily dose of NAKED medicine.

If you want a healthy heart, brain, and reproductive system (I mean, who doesn’t??), then nuts are a must. Though they maintain their health benefits no matter the season, because they are hot/warm yang energy foods, TCM purports that nuts are best consumed in the winter. Keep in mind it’s always best to consult a TCM doctor when trying to understand just how nuts affect your health, but here are some goodies our own research has revealed:


They do say a peanut a day keeps the spleen disease away…

Do you wake up every day, worrying about your spleen and stomach functions? Same. Thankfully for us worriers (and those of us who like to live with functioning organs), peanuts help improve spleen and stomach function, enrich the blood, and increase qi. And a bonus for all you lactating ladies- peanuts helps stimulate breast milk production. So get to eating and get to pumping.


Cashew? More like cash-you need more of this in your diet!

Look at the cashew. What organ does it resemble? If you said the heart, you’re… completely wrong. But they do benefit the heart! And they also benefit the kidneys because, oh duh, they look like a kidney. They are also known within TCM to replenish energy, so if you’re feeling especially lackluster, a spoonful of cashew butter to the face will do you good.


Honey, would you please bring me the almonds?

Want to breathe better? Don’t we all?? Almonds help to boost lung function and remove phlegm, so if you’ve got a nasty cough you can’t get rid of or you’re trying to climb Mt. Everest next year, a spoonful of all-natural almond butter a day is just what you need.

Whether you abide by western health standards or TCM, the health benefits of nuts and all-natural nut butter are undeniable. So get yourself a jar or two and watch yourself turn into the superhuman you were born to be.

Delicious, healthy, and fun; live the NAKED (TCM) life!